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Barnby & North Cove Primary School

The Broads Curriculum

Welcome to our curriculum page. All pupils receive high quality adaptive teaching, with individualised approaches, in line with the Trust’s Teaching Principles. The curriculum is coherently planned, offering a broad range of learning that is tailored to the needs and interests of each child.

Our curriculum will be: 

  • Pupil centred and focused on each pupil’s EHCP 

  • Flexible to meet the individual needs 

  • Broad and balanced 

  • Using pupils’ voice to shape provisions 

  • Matching cognitive ability and individual strengths 

  • Well-planned and sequential 

  • Building on pupils’ existing skills, knowledge and understanding 

  • Developing confidence, positive mental health, high self-esteem and independence 

  • Developing respect for other people and the environment 

Our curriculum will enable our pupils to: 

  • Communicate through whichever method is best for them 

  • Become active learners 

  • Develop their social skills  

  • Be able to engage and interact with others 

  • Develop engagement, skill, knowledge and interest in a range of topics 

  • Develop skills for learning to channel their natural curiosity 

  • Be successful pupils who enjoy learning 

  • Make progress and achieve their full potential 

  • Be confident individuals 

The delivery of our curriculum will be guided by our pupil’s: 

  • Engagement and enjoyment 

  • Communication and understanding 

  • Personal and social development 

  • Independence, including life skills